What We Have in Common with Sriracha, the Chile Sauce that Asians Love


Tapatío is overrated. We prefer the more humble Sriracha. (Photo by Nick Ng)

Being Chinese-American, it’s very humbling to read something about our favorite hot sauce and why it’s better than most of its competitors. Not a single cent has been spent in advertising nor is it a shareholder’s company, yet Sriacha is a billion-dollar business worldwide that started in Los Angeles in 1980 by one man, David Tran.


What’s inspiring is that his work ethic is similar to us at Movement Potential. Unlike most gyms and fitness companies, we won’t sacrifice quality for quantity or profit. Our long-term clients, who enjoy our service and learning experience, are still paying the same rate as in 2005. While everyone else raise their rates because of “inflation” or “the competitive market,” we simply do business as usual. There’s no need to hike up the rates by 20-33% just because other trainers and companies are doing it. Your relationship and dedication is more important than profit.

We love what we learn and teach. To deny anyone from learning and participating because of financial issues is a disservice. This is why we offer semi-privates and group training classes at Sunnyside Physical Therapy.


Every Wednesday evening, 6pm-7pm. Every class has a different theme. You most likely won’t do the same thing twice — unless you want to. (Photo by Casta Flores)

We have added Wednesday night Movement Boot Camp from 6pm-7pm. All levels are welcome, and workouts are scaled for each individual. Explore different ways to move beyond the typical gym stuff.

Fall special: New clients get two classes for the price of one: $15/person. New clients. Try us out at least two times and see if you enjoy it. And bring a friend.

More classes will be added in January at Sunnyside.

Best in health,


Founder of Movement Potential


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